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Stocks and bonds are tricky

Just when you think you found the right stock, the media found something to report on the company’s CEO, and now, the stock is down. The nature of the stock market is highly volatile. It’s constantly changing, and if you’re not up to date, you’re losing money. On the other hand, bonds just don’t provide enough return for most people, especially during times of high inflation. This isn’t new knowledge. If you’re looking for an alternative that is stable, provides great returns, and has lower risks, multi-family real estate might be right for you. 

Lower risks with higher returns

Multi-family investments have lower risks than you might think. While stocks can change frequently with unexpected factors that are out of your control, multi-family real estate has a set formula to calculate value. This gives us direct control and allows us to implement business plans that increase cash-flow along with the underlying value of the property.

Owning these apartments passively is where North Lone Star, your real estate asset management company, comes in. Our team takes care of underwriting and sourcing the opportunities, working with the property managers on the business plan to optimize returns, as well as managing the day to day work so all you have to do is watch your investments grow.

Lower risks with higher returns

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Why invest with North Lone Star Capital

Housing is an essential necessity as everyone needs a place to live. Owning a home has become less and less obtainable for the average American. Consequently, more people are finding multi-family housing to be the best option for their budget. By owning these large apartments, we are able to improve communities and provide quality safe living environments to our residents, all while generating passive income to our partners. It is truly a win for everyone involved. The best part is the lower risk associated with multi-family investing.

Even during The Great Recession, the delinquency rates for multi-family loans stayed below 1% while the rates for single-family loans shot up to 11.5% by 2010. The stability, coupled with our knowledge of the real estate market, offers you the chance to gain more with less stress.

We believe that every investment is important. Our promise to you is to:

  • Respect and understand you and your goals
  • Work with you to find the best investment for your situation
  • Keep you in the loop, no matter how much you invest
  • Answer any questions you have throughout the process
  • Treat you like we would treat family

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About North Lone Star

Michael Piehler multifamily real estate investment specialist

Michael Piehler is a managing partner of North Lone Star Capital and plays an integral role with the firm. Born and raised in Plano, Texas, Michael made his way up to Minnesota where he attended Bethel University in Saint Paul, graduating magna cum laude with a degree in Economics and Finance. While there, he was captain of the hockey team and also played on the golf team. Michael began his career in commercial real estate as a broker and currently works on Acquisitions and Investor Relations with North Lone Star. His competitive nature, work ethic, and passion to serve others is invaluable to the firm. Michael and his wife Miranda currently reside in the Twin Cities.

Josh Walpole multifamily real estate investment specialist

Josh Walpole is a managing partner at North Lone Star Capital and plays a crucial role in Investor Relations and Deal Flow Management. Josh graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. He previously worked in spine surgical sales and is currently a commercial real estate broker. Josh has developed the skills to quickly evaluate, underwrite, and source capital for syndicated opportunities of all price points. Located in the Dallas area, one of the most prosperous regions for multifamily investments, Josh understands what it takes to be successful in an extremely competitive market. Josh is tenacious in representing his clients and ensuring their investments exceed expectations.

Gavin Hart real estate investment specialist Minneapolis

Gavin Hart is a managing partner of North Lone Star Capital and has decades of experience in the real estate industry. Born in British Guiana to a cattle ranching family, Gavin was surrounded by hard working individuals. He moved to Venezuela as a young boy and eventually found his way to the United States in 2002. After years of experience in all facets of property management, Gavin started his own property management and maintenance service companies. He began his investment portfolio with single family rentals and was eventually drawn to the opportunities multifamily investing offers. Gavin oversees Asset Management and Investor Relations with North Lone Star. Gavin resides in the Twin Cities along with his wife Desiree and their children.

Review for multi-family real estate investments in Minneapolis
"I recently used North Lone Star Capital for a real estate syndication investment. I found them to be super knowledgeable about their investment opportunities as they educated and directed me to the best investment for me. These guys know their stuff! They have a customer first attitude and only work with their customers best interests in mind. You can’t go wrong working with North Lone Star Capital on your next real estate investment."
- Bruce, Dallas Texas
"We are proud partners with North Lone Star Capital. Michael and the team are very knowledgeable on current market trends within multifamily commercial real estate space. They are diligent in their risk analysis and work hard to protect investor's capital."
- Eephus Capital Group, Boise Idaho
"I am very pleased with North Lone Star Capital. Their knowledge and passion for people is what makes this group successful. As a seasoned investor, I only work with quality companies. I am impressed with the opportunities that North Lone Star has to offer and look forward to partnering with them in the future."
- Dave, Minneapolis Minnesota